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KEIKO - Pronounced "Kay-Ko"

Keiko is our Beagle who never met any food she didn’t like….except for vegetables.

She didn’t get this “robust” body from what we were feeding her. Instead, she loves to live off the land, sniffing up guinea egg nests in the summer. She trails bunnies and tells us whenever something isn’t in the right place.

Here she's siting on the deck watching for anything that might not be just right.


Here Keiko is checking out Millie’s ability to function as a treat machine and drop delectable little pellets.

Meet our "Baygle" JEWEL, who is a cross between a Bassett Hound and a Beagle. Jewel joined the family  on Memorial Day, 2018.She's a six year old spay.who was raised on a farm with chickens and ducks. When we went to pick her up from a different farm we learned she was familiar with Nubian goats, too.

She loves to hunt rabbits and takes off on a run with her long ears flapping in the breeze. Keiko follows behind as quickly as her old, stout body allows.

Meet Calvin. He has a natural bobtail. Sweet and mischievvous, when he doesn't come when I call "Calvin," I then try "Spaceman Spiff" (just like the cartoon) and he'll often respond.

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