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Seska is a very large black Border Collie who loves all small creatures and would like to mother them. (This includes licking baby guineas.) The goat kids adore Seska the first few days of their lives. Then one day they seem to stand back and actually see those erect ears and her profile and instinct tells them to run! I guess they decide she’s either a coyote or wolf. Regardless, Seska remains fascinated, though she knows to keep her distance from the herd. Luckily, she doesn’t have any herding instinct….which is one reason she’s perfectly fine on our farm.

Here’s one day old Millie trying to nurse Seska.

Then we have Seska preparing to give Millie a bath.

KEIKO - Pronounced "Kay-Ko"

Keiko is our Beagle who never met any food she didn’t like….except for vegetables.

She didn’t get this “robust” body from what we were feeding her. Instead, she loves to live off the land, sniffing up guinea egg nests in the summer. She trails bunnies and tells us whenever something isn’t in the right place.

Here she's siting on the deck watching for anything that might not be just right.


Here Keiko is checking out Millie’s ability to function as a treat machine and drop delectable little pellets.