Home of goats, guineas and plenty of other fun farm stuff.

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No goats are available for sale at this time. I'm taking reservations for bucklings ONLY for 2020. All doelings have already been reserved.

Please note: Our goats are important to us. While we recognize that we can’t keep them all, we also want them to be a good fit with your herd and to meet your goals. We don’t just sell our goats; we place them. If we don’t think a particular goat is a good fit with your operation, we reserve the right not to sell.


Doelings start at $375. Bucklings start at $350. Wethers start at $50.  Most of the does already have their milk star, so their daughters are eligible for a second star - in some cases a third star - if you decide to test.

I don't take deposits for kids, but if you're interested, I will be happy to put you on a waiting list and notify you when the kids are born. Let me know why you want a goat (for milk, show, etc. and I'll help match you with the baby who meets your needs.

Goats are herd animals. You really need two or more for happy goats OR have some other animals to be part of their herd. A single goat is an unhappy goat and unhappy goats make their owners unhappy, too. If you would like to purchase a wether as a companion for a 4-H doeling, we may have one available or will work with you to find one from a clean, tested herd.

GOAT SHARES - We are currently offering goat shares. A goat share is partial ownership of a particular doe. As an owner, you are entitled to a  share of her milk. The doe remains on our farm and we milk her and care for her as a part of our herd. You then receive your share of the milk, cheese, or other dairy products she produces (your choice) and pay us for taking care of your portion of our herd, plus feed, medications, etc. This arrangement is the ONLY legal method for you to obtain raw (unpasteurized) milk and milk products  for human consumption under North Dakota state law. Please call or email to receive more information, including our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

MILK for non-human consumption - When available, we sell fresh, raw goat milk for non-human consumption. It's a great supplement if you have newborn kittens, puppies, lambs or other creatures. Feeding your pigs milk makes for a very special type of pork. Or use the milk for soapmaking and other crafts.

WHEY is a by-product of my home cheesemaking operation. It's wonderful for giving to your chickens as a calcium source. Adding it around your tomato plants will reduce blossom end rot which can be caused by a lack of calcium. I also pour it around pumpkins for a stronger plant. Again, it's wonderful for pigs and other animals.

GUINEAS & GUINEA EGGS - At times, I'll have adult guineas, keets (baby guineas) and guinea eggs available to sell for you to incubate or hatch under a setting hen. Guineas are seasonal layers, so egg production usually begins in late April or early May and ends in September. Just ask. I would anticipate having keets available starting in late July, 2020. Eggs for hatching should be available by May, depending on weather conditions.


We've just started creating and selling soap and lotion made from our very rich goat milk. Unlike many products called "goat milk soap" ours contains more goat milk than any other ingredient.

We'll be adding more photos and information soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to try either the soap or lotion, just let us know.


Custom gift baskets are available, too.