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aka "Dance"

BD: 4/3/2016
G6S Normal by Parentage
Casein A/A by Parentage

Dance came to live with us shortly after her birth and immediately fit right into the family. She's a quiet young lady who loves to stand on her hind legs and dance. She's got gorgeous dairy strength, strong feet and legs with nice body capacity and a beautiful head.

2018 Lactation: Still in progress, but Dance has earned her milk star.

April 25, 2019 - Dance is due to deliver kids sired by Paco. All doelings are reserved.

March 25, 2018 - Dance delivered twins sired by Paco. There's a lovely black doeling and a brown buckling. Dance is wonderful to milk.

August, 2018 - Dance was named Grand Champion Dairy Doe at the Oliver County Fair.

Dance is well-named. She's constantly in motion. These photos show her at just two weeks of age.

aka "Divy"

BD: 6/7/2016
G6S Normal by Parentage
Casein A/A by Parentage

Daughter of Millie and Atlas

Here she is pictured just days before kidding in April, 2018.

Divy was the last kid born in our herd in 2017 and what a way to end the season! She was so large and strong right at the beginning that we were convinced she was a buck. Imagine our delight when we checked!

Divy came out with self-assurance that she would be the center of attention - just like her mother Millie. She has a gorgeous, wide body and stance, extremely strong, correct legs and ears that are the envy of all. I'd like her to have a stronger Roman profile, but that's minor to us. I can't wait to milk her in 2018.

2018 Lactation: Still in progress. Divy easily earned her milk star.

April 17, 2019 - Divy is due to deliver Paco kids. By ultrasound she was confirmed to have at least twins; perhaps triplets. All doelings are reserved.

April 19, 2018 - Divy delivered triplet Paco kids. There's a black doeling and a brown and a black buckling. She's extremely easy to milk with large orifices and that glove-soft udder.

Divy just three days old.

Divy is pictured in September, 2016