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2019 Kids - We only bred our best.


Harner Bonus Money Majesty

aka "Bo"

Planned Pedigree

BD: 4-19-2019

Sire: Paco

Dam: Divy

Bo was born twin to another, larger buckling, Cash. As the smallest kid of five in a yard, he quickly learned to push his way to the front. It took awhile before Bo settled down and developed the more placid temperment we want to see in a buck.

The front assembly on this kid is simply amazing. I could watch him move for hours. He's strong and sturdy.

A full sister from this breeding last year kidded as barely a yearling and managed to produce a 9.8 pound buckling without assistance. She freshened with a lovely udder and plenty of milk. I'm confident Bo will help improve a herd.

Bo showing off his flashy right side.

Bo from the front. June 7, 2019

Bo over top.

Look at the

smooth withers

and how his

width increases

over the back

to rump.

Photo taken June 7, 2019.


BD: 4-17-2019
Sire: Paco
Dam: Cherry

Love, love, love this gentleman. "Cordial" describes him perfectly. He has a gentle manner with quiet confidence and is willing to go along with whatever you ask.

I love his front assembly, gorgeous ears and strong body. He exemplies the best of Paco and Cherry. Cherry has produced some of the best bucks in our state with Atlas (Including Grand Champion at the North Dakota State Fair). This baby with Paco has the same potential. Both parents are proven performers.

I don't take deposits for kids, but if you're interested, I will be happy to put you on a waiting list and notify you when the kids are born. Let me know why you want a goat (for milk, show, etc. and I'll help match you with the baby who meets your needs. Doelings start at $350. Bucklings start at $350. Wethers start at $50.  Most of the does already have their milk star, so their daughters are eligible for a second star if you decide to test.

Remember - goats are herd animals. You really need two or more for happy goats OR have some other animals to be part of their herd. A single goat is an unhappy goat and unhappy goats make their owners unhappy, too. If you would like to purchase a wether as a companion for a 4-H doeling, we should have some available.

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