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Dream-Sum Mony Liza 1*M - aka "Mony" (pronounced "Money")

Registration: N1403792
Birthdate: 1-17-2006
G6S Normal by test

2012 LA: 87+EVV
2014 LA: 88 EVV+
2015 LA: 87+EVV

See Mony's pedigree at ADGA:

2016 Lactation (as a ten year old doe): 920 pounds of milk in 193 days, 4.36% butterfat (40 pounds), and 3.49 protein (32 pounds).

2015 Lactation: 1090 pounds of milk in 290 days, 4.61% butterfat (50 pounds), and 3.59% protein (39 pounds). 

Appraisers love Mony's wide front end, body capacity and sturdy structure. She has wonderful udder attachment and is an easy milker. At ten years of age, she still looks great, though she's lost a couple of teeth. We watch her condition carefully. Mony's the exception to our rule of expecting does to milk a full ten months. Instead, she tells us when she's done. It was nine months this year. She carries the genetics for extended lactations (over a year) and passes that on.

Mony was our first doe. She came to us six months into her lactation. We were looking for a gentle, experienced doe who would be patient as we learned about goats. Our intention was to build our facilities around her.

When we went to pick her up, she met us at the corral gate and allowed me to touch her all over, even picking up her feet while she was loose in the corral. SOLD! I think she was a bit nervous arriving at our house when she couldn't see a barn. Then I squatted down to milk (no milk stand yet) and after three squirts, Mony relaxed. She seemed relieved that we had a clue what to do.

Though her personality and milking ability were her most important qualifications for us - we appreciate her quality. She has size, strength, body capacity and a willingness to milk with fabulous udder texture. Mony knows she's the queen and takes her duties seriously watching for predators and teaching the rest of the herd which treats are the tastiest.

She received a linear appraisal score of 87 in her first appraisal and that after she'd had a rough delivery and bout of milk fever. We hold group appraisal sessions with several herds coming together and always some are new to LA. Money is the first doe appraised, so the appraiser takes extra time to explain the process and how the measurements and traits should correlate. Miss Mony stands patiently throughout the process. She adores the attention. In 2015, the appraiser praised Mony's "beautifully skulpted eyes."

Early June, 2017 - Mony is bred to Atlas - we think.

April 14, 2016 - Mony delivered a 10.5# buckling, son of Paco. "Ten" is listed for sale on the 2016 Kids page. Mony appears to have recovered and is doing well. This may be her last baby.

April 3, 2015 - Mony delivered twin black and white daughters of Paco. (I mailed my application to ADGA to start milk testing, then headed to the barn and Mony was in labor! Do you think she approved of my decision?) They're gorgeous with facial stripes, topknots and long white legs. With that pedigree, they ought to milk heavily.

March, 2014 - Mony delivered a single doeling daughter of Dandy. She'd fooled around all day, but nothing was happening. Finally I went to the house to get the milk bucket and finish poultry chores. 30 minutes later I walked into the barn and heard a doeling cry. Apparently Mony wanted to deliver this kid on her own. The kid "Millie" has never been shy about letting us know what she wants.

Mony has three daughters in our herd: Star, age 5; Millie, age 2; and Dimples who's a yearling. All three have different sires.

Mony daughters Star (left) and Millie  on February 20, 2016. Star is five years old, newly dried off and 3 months pregnant. Millie is two years old and a month pregnant for the first time.

Mony daughters Star (left) and Dimples on February 2, 2016. Star is five years old, almost dry. Dimples is 10 months old. Both are 2.5 months pregnant.

Note their wide stance.


aka "Star"

# N1591903
BD: 5-11-2011

G6S Normal by test

2012 LA as Young Stock: +VVV

2014 LA: 84 +VV+

2015 LA: 83+VE+

2016 LA: 87VVVV

The photo shows her 6 weeks before her 2014 delivery of triplet bucklings weighing a total of 28 pounds, 10 ounces.

See her pedigree at ADGA:http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001591903

2016 Lactation: 1,780 pounds of milk in 293 days, 4.83% butterfat (86 pounds), and 3.82% protein (68 pounds).

2015 Lactation: 1590 pounds in 309 days, 4.77% butterfat (76 pounds) and 3.89% protein (62 pounds). She's got her milk star!

Star is a Mony daughter and was a triplet. Star is very dairy and that characteristic continues to strengthen as she matures. This doe wants to milk. She gets along with everyone - kids and adults alike - and is sweet and gentle to handle. The 2015 Linear Appraiser loved her beautiful estuchion.


April 3, 2017 - Star is due with Atlas kids.

April 19, 2016 - Star is deliver triplets sired by Paco. It was another tough delivery that required a trip to the vet. Sadly, only one son survived. Because of the complications, we wethered him.

2015 - Star produced triplet doelings - Dixie, Lanie & Cinder. These Atlas daughters show wonderful type, strength and width. Star immediately started producing plenty of luscious, rich milk. But she was just "off" and not her normal, cheerful self. She struggled with laminitis and was successfully treated. Then we realized she was showing signs of copper deficiency. Though she responded to treatment, she's had a difficult year. Having a break before kidding in 2016 will help her body recoup from all those kids. Her daughters found jobs in ND and Montana.

2014 - Star produced triplet bucklings - Hop, Skip & Jump, weighing in at 28 pounds, 14 ounces in total! That's a large load for what is normally a 150 pound doe. These Dandy sons have great breed character, strong bones and depth of body. Jump was renamed Harner Dandy Star Gentleman and is siring wonderful kids for a friend.

     Star's production is wonderful. She's easily giving me over ten pounds a day (5 quarts) and has had a couple of days over 12 pounds. Sure wish she'd give me a doeling or two.

2013 - Star produced twin bucklings - RJ and Bronze - who are very correct and extremely smooth. She freshened with a beautiful udder, though she does have small, short teats. She milks easily - especially if you have small hands. Like her sister, she's producing just over three quarts a day.

     Star milked for a full 12 months; producing over a ton of milk. Even though she was pregnant, I had a hard time drying her off. At the end, she was still producing two quarts of milk daily.



These photos of Star were taken

April 24, 2015.

aka "Cherry"


BD:  1/31/2012
G6S Normal by Test
Alpha s1 Casein: B/N

2014 LA: 84 VV++
2015 LA: 86VEV+
2016 LA: 90VEEE - Our herd's best ever score!

This photo shows beautiful Cherry in January, 2016. She's still producing about three quarts of milk at day at nine months fresh.

See her pedigree at:

2016 Lactation: 2,770 pounds of milk in 317 days, 4.34% butterfat (120 pounds), and 3.76% protein (104 pounds).

2015 Lactation: 2450 pounds in 310 days, 4.36% butterfat (107 pounds) and 3.71% protein (91 pounds). Cherry had her milk star in just five months! She's a powerhouse milker. Since Cherry's mother also has a milk star, that makes Cherry a second generation star.

April 5, 2017 - Cherry is due to deliver Atlas kids. One doeling retained and one reserved.

March 27, 2016 - Cherry delivered twin Atlas bucklings - a repeat breeding. These boys are large and in charge. With strong production on both sides of the pedigree, these boys are offered as bucklings on our 2016 Kids page. These will be the first Cherry or Atlas sons available and offer new genetics to North Dakota producers.

2015 - Cherry produced red and white twins sired by Atlas; a lovely strong doeling and our only buckling of the year. Her udder and production is simply amazing. Our linear appraisal remarked about her very good shoulders, nice wide rump and very good back. Her doeling "Cherry Sparkles" went to Montana to help restart a dairy herd.

2014 - Cherry kidded in February. This was her second freshening and her quick labor produced twins: a buckling and a doeling. Her doeling "Cherry Pie" is working in another ND herd.

2013 - As a yearling, Cherry was living in Texas and bred to Paco. She had a single doeling "Popcorn" who is working in another ND herd.

Cherry immediately went to work producing more than a gallon a day. She's managed to stay in condition while maintaining strong production throughout 12 months of lactation with no concern about heat or cold.

Cherry has tons of personality and makes sure she's first at the hay. She carries good condition even in the coldest weather. I'm truly excited about her next batch of kids.

herry's udder on
April 25, 2015
. That just over three quarts of milk waiting to be expelled.

Sorry, her head is so out of proportion.

Harner Miss Rupee 1*M

aka "Rupee"

# N1634852

BD: 2/17/2013

G6S Normal by parentage

LA 2014 as Young Stock: ++V+

LA 2015: 81++VA

LA 2016: 83++V+

See her pedigree at ADGA:


2016 Lactation: 2,150 pounds of milk in 310 days, 4.46% butterfat (96 pounds) and 3.90% protein (84 pounds).

2015 Lactation: 1820 pounds in 339 days, 4.85% butterfat (88 pounds) and 3.91% protein (71 pounds).
This was Rupee's first freshening and she earned her star. It should be noted that Rupee was 70 days into her lactation before we started milk testing, so her peak production levels were never officially recorded.

Rupee brings together the bloodlines of my foundation does - Money and Izzy. She's the first goat on our place that has both a Harner sire and dam.

Rupee is the absolutely easiest doe to milk. She loves to get on the stand, starts eating and lets me get to work. She's got nice-sized teats with large orifices and milks to a glove-soft udder. She's shy around strangers, but sweet and easy to handle.

Her mother Penny had a gorgeous udder and teats and is one of those "easy keepers." Knowing Penny should possess the genetics for long lactations, I freshened her and kept milking her for the next 19 months until her untimely death.

Rupee's inherited her mother's great depth of body and easy-keeping ability with a  pretty udder, ability to do long lactations and great teat size and placement. Her sire's dam Inspiration - aka Izzy - also possessed all those qualities and was hard to dry off. 

Rupee has a lovely, soft udder that is a delight to hand milk. This very quiet doe is well-behaved in the barn and milk room. After each milking, she comes down off the stand and "dances" down the aisle to her stall, just as she did as a kid.

April 8, 2017 - Rupee due to deliver Atlas kids.

April 2, 2016 - Rupee delivered triplet Atlas babies - two doelings and a buckling. We loved this breeding so much last year that we've repeated it. Unfortunately, she was so full of kids that is was an extremely difficult birth. The two doelings did not survive and I was extremely worried about Rupee. Two weeks later, she's producing around 8 pounds of milk (a gallon) each day and has regained her sparkle. I look forward to seeing where she'll peak. Her gentle buckling is also for sale.

March 7, 2015 - Rupee gave birth to triplet daughters by Atlas. What a way to start the kidding season! Unfortunately, they were small and the firstborn passed away in a few days from a heart defect. The two remaining - Shekel and Collette - are strong, hardy ladies with a ton of promise. Shekel was retained for our herd and Collette went to work in another serious dairy operation.


aka "Millie"

# N1695487

BD: 3/24/2014

G6S Normal by parentage

Alpha s1 Casein: B/B

LA 2015: ++V+ (Young Stock)
LA 2016: 86V+VV

Millie in October, 2016 - 2.5 years old

See her pedigree at: http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001695487

2016 Lactation (First Freshening): 2,170 pounds of milk in 244 days (still milking), 4.70% butterfat (102 pounds) and 3.78% protein (82 pounds).

This Mony daughter was a singleton. As Mony's due date grew close, I was anxiously watching, since Mony usually has triplets who tend to be tangled and need assistance to greet the world.

On the day of Millie's birth, Mony was restless, and I stayed close. I left the barn for 30 minutes prior to milking; only to hear a kid talking when I re-entered the barn. I think Mony wanted to do this on her own. Millie was almost standing and ready for her first drink of lovely "Mony Honey" (milk). Since we have limited barn room, my friend Endine and her family took Millie into their barn to run with other kids. Millie demanded attention and quickly took the lead greeting anyone entering the barn.

She's sweet, mischievous, and an impressive young doeling that combines good things from both her parents. If you come visit the barn, you won't have to look for Millie....she'll find you.


June 4, 2017 - Millie is due with Atlas kids.

June, 2016 - Millie presented us with triplet Atlas kids: two bucklings and a large doeling (Divy). Divy is retained in the herd.

aka "Shekel"


# N1726606

BD: 3/7/2015

G6S Normal by parentage

LA 2015: +AE+ (Young Stock)
2016 LA: 70FAAA

Shekel is pictured at 13 months of age in April, 2016.

See her pedigree at ADGAgenetics.org:


2016 Lactation (First Freshening as a 13 month old): 1,710 pounds of milk in 291 days, 4.81% butterfat (82 pounds) and 3.99% protein (68 pounds).

My beautiful Shekel stole my heart from the very first look with her strong, straight stance and gorgeous head. She was part of a set of triplet doelings out of first freshener Rupee and first-time papa Atlas. She and her sisters actually had little udders at birth.

Weighing just under five pounds at birth, Shekel eagerly took to the bottle and never refused a meal. A weight tape had her at 115 pounds at seven months of age when she was weaned from the bottle. This great growth is the reason we broke from tradition and bred her to kid at a year of age instead of waiting.

April 17, 2016 - Shekel is doe to deliver Paco kids. We're delighted to repeat this breeding.

April, 2016 - Shekel presented us with beautiful twins from Paco - one buckling and a doeling. She delivered on her own with just a little help cleaning kids off from Great Grandma Mony.

Two weeks before delivery, the toll of carrying so kids started to show on this young doe. Her hind feet began to turn inward. I fed extra calcium and tried to boost her nutrition, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to reverse the damage to her feet. I'll never breed doelings this young again, regardless of their size


aka "Dimples"

# N1725104

BD: 4/3/2015

G6S Normal by parentage

LA 2015: +AV+ (Young Stock)

LA 2016: 73FAAA

Dimples is pictured at one year of age in April, 2016.

See her pedigree at ADGAgenetics.org:


2016 Lactation (First Freshening as a 12 month old doe): 1,540 pounds of milk in 298 days, 5.14% butterfat (79 pounds) and 3.71% protein (57 pounds).

Right after I mailed our DHIR application to ADGA, I went to the barn and Mony was in labor. Dimples and her twin sister were the result. She's extremely quiet in the herd, but makes sure to get her daily dose of affection.

Dimples and her sister were eager eaters and grew quickly. At peak, Dimples was drinking three quarts of milk a day. This resulted in what some call "over conditioning" and negatively impacted her LA score. At six months of age, Dimples weighed 110 pounds.


April 15, 2017 - Dimples is due to deliver Atlas kids.

April 14, 2016 - At just one year and two weeks of age - Dimples delivered triplets sired by Atlas. This little doe was extremely full and the first two bucklings came out backwards and upside down....so they were pulled up and over her back!

Just two weeks before delivery, the toll of carrying so many kids started to show on this young doe. Her hind feet began to turn inward. I fed extra calcium and tried to boost her nutrition, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to reverse the damage to her feet. I'll never breed doelings this young again, regardless of their size.

Dimples is a sweet, gentle young lady and delightful on the milk stand.

Now deceased

Registration # N1434468
Birthdate: 2-1-2008
G6S Carrier by Test

2012 LA - 89 VVEV

Izzy came to us as a dry doe after her first freshening. This beautiful lady had wonderful body capacity, strong feet and legs and what a wonderful udder!

Unfortunately, Izzy was also a G6S Carrier, as was Charm - the first doe she produced for us. I found a good home for Charm, but decided I would continue to breed and milk Izzy and test offspring before they left our place.

It was a dream of mine to someday bred the offspring of Izzy and Money because I thought the combination would be dynamite. Izzy's son Raj tested Normal for G6S, so I bred him to Money's daughters Penny & Star last fall.  The resulting kids are exactly as I pictured - large with wonderful boning, great body capacity, balance and oh, so smooth.  I wish I could repeat the breeding, but Raj is already producing on another farm.

Izzy passed away in the fall of 2012 due to a rupture of her intestine. I'm thankful there's a doeling in this bunch of kids to keep those Izzy's genetics in my herd.

I will always be thankful that Endine took pity on me when I was looking for a second doe and agreed to part with Izzy. She had intended to breed Izzy herself, but decided to trust that I'd do right by her. Izzy may have had a short life with me, but I think it was a happy one.

See Izzy's pedigree at:


Now deceased

Harner Miss Moneypenny 

# N1591902

BD: 5-11-2011

G6S Normal by Test

LA 2012 as Young Stock: V+VV

LA 2014: 83 V+VA (She was 18 months into her lactation and was rated as a "stale" udder.)


Penny is a new and improved version of her mother. She has that wonderful frame - only with a better body capacity and more correct feet and legs. In the months since her linear appraisal, she has constantly improved. 


At freshening, she's proven to be an easy milker with extremely well-attached udder. She's still in full winter coat in these photos, but is producing over three quarts a day ( between 7.5 and 8 pounds on my scales). 


2013 - She produced twins - a buckling (Nibbles) and doeling (Rupee). She's produced over a ton of milk in the first 12 months of lactation and is still being milked in 2014.


See her pedigree at ADGA: